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How to Build a Business out of Your Blog

Excited to announce our February YVR Bloggers Meetup with a dynamic lineup of speakers and performers! Our Thursday, Feb 13, 2014 Meetup will be at the luxurious and elegant AutoForm in Vancouver.

Looking forward to seeing new bloggers, long-time bloggers, people interested in the subject of blogging, as well as businesses that would like to use a blog to market their business, and work in strategy partnerships with bloggers.

How to Build a Business Out of Your Blog – Julie Nowell

Speech Description 

A blog is more than a website, it can be a viable business. Learn about ways to bring your brand “beyond the blog” and how to find your place in the business of digital marketing.

Speaker Bio

bloggerpublisher and private consultant, Julie works on amazing projects all designed to support and nurture creativity, a positive lifestyle and viable business practices. A true believer of the win-win-win philosophy, Julie’s goals are to create  rewarding opportunities that benefit all of those involved. A mom of 3, living an idyllic rural life on Salt Spring Island, Julie balances life, family and feeding the chickens.

You can find more about Julie at 3 Chickens Consulting

Ten Things You Need to Know about WordPress but Were Afraid to Ask – Mari Kane 

Speech Description

From the simple to the sophisticated, Mari Kane offers Ten Things You Need To Know About WordPress But Were Afraid To Ask. Many of these things will save you time in your blogging workflow, others will improve the user’s experience. All of them will make a difference on your WordPress site.

Speaker Bio 

Mari Kane is a Blogger and WordPress Consultant living in Vancouver. She blogs about blogging at Blogsite Studio.com. When she’s not designing WordPress blogsites and tutoring people about their own, she blogs on her wine site, Tasting Room Confidential, and web masters for the BC Association of Travel Writers at BCATW.org. Mari also runs a weekly Meetup called WordPress Workshop to help users improve their WordPress sites. She believes that WordPress was created to let people take control of their web presence and that’s exactly what she will help them do.

You can find out more about Mari at Blog Site Studio 

Special Magic Performance by Michael Dinero

Performer Bio 

Michael Dinero possesses the ability to manipulate, materialize, dematerialize living and nonliving objects of any size. Michael has performed at birthdays, weddings, and corporate shows, yet despite his local fame, has always remained down to earth. He blends mystery and comedy into feats of magic, which dazzle the mind and make you laugh. The real magic, however, is the man.

You can find out more about Michael at The Magic of Michael Dinero

A special thank you to AutoForm for hosting our YVR Bloggers Meetup!

February Schedule 

5:30 pm – Doors open to the Public

5:30 – 6 pm – Networking

6 pm – Global Live Stream begins

6:15 pm – Call to Order – Faisal Khattak

6:20 pm – Vision of YVR Bloggers – Ricky Shetty

6:25 pm – AutoForm – Mike Wood

6:30 pm – 10 Things you Need to know about WordPress but were Afraid to Ask – Mari Keen

7:15 pm – 7:30 pm – Special Magic Performance – Michael Dinero

7:30 – 7:45 pm – Networking

7:45 pm – Featured Blogger – Megan Kennedy

7:50 – 8:20 pm – How to Build a Business Out of Your Blog – Julie Nowell (Keynote Speech)

8:20 pm Door Prizes

8:30 pm – Announcements

8:30 – 9 pm – Networking

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