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Fotoeins Fotopress – Henry Lee

One of our passions at YVR Bloggers is to highlight the outstanding work from different bloggers from around Vancouver. In today’s interview, we got to interview Henry Lee, the founder of Fotoeins Fotopress about photography, travel, and travel blogging.

After retiring as an Astronomer, Henry traveled for 389 consecutive days from Dec, 24, 2011 to Jan 15, 2013 visiting 6 continents and over 20 countries. Hear some of Henry’s favourite travel memories and tips for people who want to travel and start travel blogging.

Just watching the interview below will inspire you to pack your bags and jump on a plane!!

Fotoeins Fotopress


  1. Ricky, thanks for your time and for featuring me on YVR Bloggers. It was a real pleasure speaking with you, and talking about various aspects of travel, writing, and blogging. I hope your viewers will draw ideas and insights from our video conversation.

  2. Great interview Henry! Loved watching it, lots of great information.

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