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How to get your Blog onto Page 1 of Google

Our June YVR Bloggers will be all about getting your blog onto Page 1 of Google! We are bringing in SEO Expert Christian Thompson to share his insights into Search Engine Optimization. Daniel Chen will be sharing about Building Your Blog Brand, Wendy McClelland will be highlighting the new LinkedIn Publisher platform for bloggers, and Guillermo Schwartz will be sharing how to create more engagement with your blog readers! We also have Rebecca Beaton as our Featured Blogger and Shine Kelly as our Featured Performer. We have an amazing venue space called The Hive (a co-working space with a bee-themed ambience)!

Here are more details of the presentations as well as bios of the speakers & performers:

How to Get Your Blog on Page 1 of Google

Having a good looking design and awesome content isn’t enough to get your blog ranked high on Google. Marwick Marketing’s lead consultant Christian will use his years experience as a Google Partner to provide a top list of factors that get overlooked time and again, yet provide powerful results when implemented.

Christian Thompson – Keynote Speaker

Christian is a British-Born, Vancouver-based online marketing consultant. His firm Marwick Marketing manages the online marketing for clients such as Canadian Tire Home Services, Morgan Creek Golf Course, Great Canadian Oil Change and the Guildford Mall.

Marwick Marketing provides tailored online marketing strategies for all types and sizes of businesses. Marwick Marketing Inc is an accredited Google Partner and Bing Agency.

Find out more about Christian at the links below:





Daniel Chen – Building Your Blog Brand

Daniel Chen is Stuck’s Art Director and Brand Strategist. Daniel is a Mixed Media graduate from the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. In the subjects of branding and marketing, Dan has taught at various post-secondary institutions, including the Vancouver Art & Design and at the University Canada West. Dan has also been an instructor of brand theory and branding for the non-profit organization, The Nehemiah Project (www.nehemiahproject.org), and has spoken as a brand expert panelist for their annual entrepreneurial event, “Nehemiah Week”.

Wendy McClelland – LinkedIn Publisher

Wendy McClelland is a past nominee for Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year and her first website was chosen by the New York Times as “one of the best biz sites on the ‘net” (the same day Microsoft was chosen). With nearly 20 years of Internet experience Wendy has shared her Internet marketing and social media knowledge with over 10,000 people at live events. Today Wendy specializes in ‘demystifying’ social media for entrepreneurs, business organizations and companies through training, speaking and coaching programs. She is also a member of the Social Chicks with Vicki McLeod and Jessica Hugh. The Social Chicks provide training and coordinate social media events, including Social Media Day on June 26th in Maple Ridge.

In April 2014 LinkedIn rolled out the new Publisher Platform, and on April 7th Wendy wrote an article entitled “Why I Say No to Coffee Meetings”. To date over 58,000 people have viewed the article, over 500 commented on it, and it has been shared over 2,300 times. It also generated over 150 new connections for Wendy, as well as 2 radio interviews, 3 joint ventures and 2 new coaching clients.

In her presentation Wendy will share the benefits of using this new Publisher Platform, as an addition to your regular blog.

Website: www.WendyMcClelland.com

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/wendymcclelland

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WendyJMcClelland

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/wendyweb47

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/wendyweb50

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/WendyMcClelland

Email: wendy@WendyMcClelland.com


Guillermo Schwartz – How to Improve Your Blog Engagement

Guillermo has created an amazing software tool for content creators and online publishers that will help bloggers create more engagement with their readers. This is one of the first times that Guillermo will be sharing about the history and vision of Diveling publicly.

Guillermo Schwartz was born in Madrid, Spain and is now a Canadian Citizen. Guilermo’s degree is in Physics and Math but has been doing software and algorithms development for a long time. He lived and worked all over Europe but decided to come to Vancouver 6 years ago. It was a long time desire of his wife who studied in Canada in her twenties. Thanks to the change of life, Guillermo decided to create his own company.

Guillermo has been working on this project for three years (even though Diveling is only one year old).I contrast with my technical career in my personal life I have always been involved in the writing world (his mother is a writer and his wife a poet) so he wanted to implement a tool that would help take the internet (as content provider) to the next level. And this what Diveling is: a new layer that promoted user engagement so that the web is no longer only a place to read but a place to have a conversation in context.

Rebecca Beaton – Featured Blogger

Rebecca has always been interested in how she can make her greatest impact in the world. After years of working in the non-profit sector as an environmental educator, she began to realize that our environmental problems are actually a symptom of a much deeper problem — which is a lack of connection to ourselves, each other, and the world around us. Rebecca started her own business & blog in January 2013, where she now helps people design conscious careers that are in alignment with their deeper purpose. She is all about combining purpose & profit, and believes that people don’t need to choose between making a positive difference in the world and making a living, and that you CAN do both successfully. Besides working on her business, you might find Rebecca out exploring the city, salsa dancing, or travelling the world!

Website: http://rebeccabeaton.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rebecca.beaton.10
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rebecca_Beaton

Shine Kelly – Featured Performer

Shine is a talented Vancouver Singer whose goal is to create space for collective harmony, as well as deep and ecstatic experiences; Shine uses music as a tool to align with, and realize, his soul’s purpose in life.






Event Details:

YVR Bloggers Meetup


The HiVE
210 – 128 W Hastings St

Vancouver, BC

Free Parking available at Tinseltown only one block away

Thursday, June 19, 2014 from 6-9 pm

See you at our June Meetup!

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