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The Top 3 Reasons you are Killing Your Blogging Success

We have an exciting line-up of speakers who will be presenting at our November YVR Bloggers Meetup at an awesome new venue called the Madison Avenue Shampoo BarMay Chu will be sharing “The Top 3 Reasons Why You Are Killing Your Blogging Success”, Cathy Ross will highlight “The Top 10 Lessons I Have Learned from YVR Bloggers” and Simeon Garriott will be our Featured Blogger sharing his personal story about overcoming a stroke and writing his experiences down in his blog!

Here’s some more info about our presentations, speakers, and performer!

Stop Wasting Your Time! The Top 3 Reasons Why You Are Killing Your Blogging Success.


Have you ever wished you could make more money with your blog? If there was a way for you to save tons of time and make lots of money, would you be interested? If your answer is Yes, then this event is for you! You will learn the top 3 reasons why you may be killing your own chances at blogging success and what you can do to take immediate action to make the necessary changes NOW.

May Chu – Bio:

May Chu is the Co-Founder of Kashoo Inc and Creator of Inspirational Tales. As a Blogger and a Co-Founder of a High Tech start up, May knows first hand the kind of mistakes that can get you painfully stuck with your blog and your business. Her software company Kashoo Inc. has attracted millions of dollars in investment and won the BCTIA (British Columbia Technology Industry Association) award for Most Promising Startup in 2012.

May Chu is an Entrepreneur and Spiritual Teacher.  This unlikely combination of applying spiritual principles to the business arena allowed her to co-found a successful software company where she attracted millions of dollars in investment in just 18 months.  Her unconventional approaches to business and life have assisted many people around the world in creating successful and fulfilling lives. Inspirational Tales is an outlet for May to share ideas and amazing stories in the areas of wealth, love, and health.

Get to know May Chu during this Google Hangout Interview:

Simeon Garriott – Featured Blogger

Simeon is the proud father of 2 sons and the grandfather of 5  wonderful grandchildren. Simeon have been married to the most amazing woman for over 39 years. As a long time entrepreneur, Simeon has a love of small business.  His passion is giving small business owners the tools to protect their businesses and their families. Simeon does this by marketing legal plans  through LegalShield as an Independent Associate. As a small business owner, a “Life Event” can be devastating to both the family and to the business.

On July 2, 2013, Simeon had one of those “Life Events”! A STROKE!  This day will forever change the way Simeon looked at Life. Having a stroke or any other “Life Event” changes the whole dynamics of family, friends and business.  While in GF Strong Hospital, Simeon started writing about my new challenges on my iPad. In his blog aluckystroke.com, Simeon shares about learning to take the challenges he was going through and to laugh at himself along the way.

The intent of the blog was to stretch his brain–brain training so-to speak. Simeon was getting lots of physical rehabilitation. Simeonneeded to whip my brain back into shape. Along the way Simeon discovered how much he loved to write.

Simeon’s blog: www.aluckystroke.com
Twitter. @simeongarriott 
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/aluckystroke?ref=hl
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/simeon.garriott.5
Linkedin http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/simeon-garriott/0/8a2/590/
Email simeon@aluckystroke.com

10 Things I have learned from the YVR Bloggers – Cathy Ross

YVR Bloggers helped this Adventure Racer turned Hair Salon Owner discover how to plug into the world of social media! When my business partner asked me to market the salon on Social Media, I quickly had to figure out what it was and how to interact with it. I didn’t even have a personal Facebook account! Not to mention that I had no idea what ‘pinning’ was! Thankfully, YVR bloggers have given me some tips on how to utilize this ‘New To Me’ Internet based media platform!

Cathy is one of the owners of the Madison Avenue Shampoo Bar. She has been a competitive athlete throughout her life – played soccer for Canada, completed the 125 kilometre ‘Canadian Death Race’, raced her mountain bike for 886 km across South Africa and has been a competitor in several other multi day adventure races. After retiring from a lengthy career in law enforcement, Cathy has gone on to become a Co-Active Coach, Wilderness Leader, mom and business owner. Needless to say, Cathy brings a unique perspective and passion to Madison Avenue!

Make sure you follow Madison Avenue on Facebook & Pinterest:




May Chu – Featured Performer

Yes, May Chu again!! May is a woman with many talents and at our November Meetup, we’ll hear May both as a presenter and as a performer!

Ever since she was a little girl, May was known to her family as the little girl who loved to make up songs. After being told by her mother she sounded like a duck, May tucked her dreams of being a performer in the closet for more than two decades.  Come out and support May in busting through her fears as she performs two songs she composed for the first time.

Madison Avenue Shampoo Bar will be giving out a UNITE Gift Basket with a complimentary haircut for Best Tweeter of the evening!! They will also be demonstrating some of the latest products in hair care!

In addition, every blogger will get 20% off any products purchased during the YVR Bloggers event!

Event Details

Thursday, Nov 20, 2014 from 6-9 pm

Madison Avenue Shampoo Bar

1211 Madison Avenue, Burnaby, BC

(3 blocks West of Willingdon Avenue, between Charles St & William St)

Here’s the link to RSVP

YVR Bloggers – November Meetup

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