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Marc Smith. Travel Blogger at 30 Day Adventures. Passionate about building community and engaging in authentic communications, 30 Day Adventures is the embodiment of Marc’s journey through life “Everything I’ve ever done is relevant to everything I will ever do”. Marc is an avid speaker and has addressed audiences at Langara, BCIT, SFU and industry-related events. Marc is a sought after emcee, having previously hosted the Third Annual TimeRaiser and the Conceiving Families Documentary screening. He has had multiple appearances on Breakfast Television, Global TV and numerous radio shows.
Sherman Chan. Food Blogger at Sherman's Food Adventures. Who am I? Well, nothing more than a guy that loves food. I love playing hockey and softball. Often, my teammates become guinea pigs on my food adventures. I’m not a professional food critic; but I do know food. From an early age, I have been exposed to many different cuisines by my parents. This probably led to my love for dining out. I am game to eat almost anything – from dives to fine dining. I take pictures and I blog about my meals, specifically in the great city of Vancouver, B.C. (but not exclusively). I give my honest opinion, no exceptions. Sure, I try to be nice and fair; but in the end, if there is something to be said, it will be said.
Raj Thandi. Fashion Blogger at Pink Chai Style. I’m Raj, the girl behind Pink Chai Style. If you’ve landed on this page I’m guessing you want to know more about this blog and me (and I’m flattered!) Pink Chai Style is about making everyday sparkle through fashion, food, and DIY’s. I also talk about life lessons, parenting, and sparkly things that catch my eye sometimes. Throughout the blog you’ll find practical outfit ideas, DIY projects, life hacks for busy moms, and inspiration for the everyday woman. I write the same way I would talk to my favourite girlfriend….so get cozy with a cup of chai and join the conversation!
John Biehler. Technology blogger and 3D Printing guru at John Biehler.com. Hi. I’m John – a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada based photographer (I like to shoot concerts and events), blogger, gadget geek, mobile phone nerd, teacher, traveler, 3D printer builder/operator, maker & all around curious person. I co-founded 3D604.org, a club of 3d printing enthusiasts who meet monthly and help share our knowledge of 3d printing at many events. I’ve spoken at numerous conferences including SXSW Interactive, Northern Voice, BarCamp and many others.
Dai Manuel. Fitness Blogger at The Moose is Loose. Dai Manuel is a dad, husband, Fitness Town COO, Motivational speaker, CrossFit athlete and coach. Driven to help people live healthy, active lifestyles. Raised in Bowmanville, Ontario, I now live with my 2 children and loving wife, Christie, in Vancouver, B.C. With my spare time, I'm an active member of the Fitness Town Toastmasters organization and when not honing my public speaking skills, I live out my passion for writing and sharing best health and fitness practices as the editor of the "The Moose is Loose" blog.
Eschelle Westwood. Parent Blogger at Mumfection. n creating the term “Mumfection” I wanted moms to know and remember we’re only human and we can’t always be complete perfect. That perfection may not be attainable but Mumfection certainly was, and it means something different for every mum and every family. After all we’re all perfect to someone just like our kiddos are perfect to us right?? Mumfection, a mum’s form of perfection….
Bosco Anthony. Business Blogger at Bosco Anthony. Who am I? At best, I am simply an entrepreneur! I come from a background of marketing (online and offline), have an extensive sales and business development background and am online business entrepreneur and owner. As a sales coach,I have taken years of training, mentoring and research. I have been a student to some of the best teachers the industry has to offer and have implemented my learnings into a fully automated business.I am committed to transforming my clients business into a cash flow generating profit powerhouse!

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